Networking FAQs

collage2-portraitWe have compiled a set of frequently asked questions regarding business networking in general and our events in particular. If you have any specific questions please call Nick on 020 3002 4100.

What is social business networking?
Networking is a way to make new business contacts and develop mutually beneficial relationships that may lead to new business referrals or alliances. The benefits include new customer acquisition, sourcing reliable local suppliers, enhancing your business profile, improving your confidence and receiving free advice. It’s also a highly enjoyable opportunity to socialise with other like-minded business people!

What happens at a networking event?
There are many different types of networking events. Events hosted by thebestofrichmond are largely unstructured, relaxed and very social occasions. We often introduce ice-breakers such as a burst of ‘speed networking’ to ensure all attendees get to meet new people.

How do I prepare for the event?
Make sure you can succinctly explain what you do and the type of business you are looking for. Try to think of a memorable way to differentiate yourself and focus on the benefits you provide (e.g. instead of saying “I’m an accountant…” say “I help small business owners maximise their profits…”). Be sure to bring plenty of business cards and a positive attitude! Read our top tips here.

What do I do when I get there?
Everyone is there for the same reason so you will find it very easy to start speaking to people. The best initial approach is to find out about what the other person does rather than focusing immediately on your own business. Try to explore ways in which you might be able to help each other – there may not be a direct requirement for each other’s services, but you might be able to create a referral for one of your existing contacts. It’s standard practice to exchange business cards even if there’s no immediate opportunity for any follow up business.

How long does the event last?
Allow a good couple of hours. Sometimes the best networking happens after the ‘official’ session has ended over a drink at the bar.

How much does it cost and what’s included?
The standard entrance fee is £20+vat per person (or £10+vat for Business Members of The Best of Richmond). There is typically a complimentary drink and light finger food included.

Who should attend?
Business owners, entrepreneurs and managers working in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Do I have to be a Business Member?
For the time being non-members are allowed to attend, however business members of thebestofrichmond benefit from reduced rates, the opportunity to publicly present their business and can easily be found by all attendees on our website – plus a host of other benefits of business membership. As our membership grows, we will increasingly host member exclusive events.

What is thebestofrichmond?
thebestofrichmond is a dynamic and very friendly team that helps to make local marketing easy. By helping to build your brand, give you huge local exposure, make new connections and providing proactive marketing support, your business can only grow. Find out more here.