Are you running your business – or is your business running you?

Three key areas every business owner has to focus on in order to thrive are: Providing a quality product or service Creating a superb customer experience Implementing an effective marketing strategy Unfortunately it’s often the marketing strategy that poses the greatest challenge. Which is hardly surprising. Because marketing in a digital world presents us with […]

reviews manager

How to easily get more online reviews

With over 10 years experience of helping local businesses improve their marketing, we’ve seen many changes. The rise of social media, blogging and video to name a few. But some things never change. Human nature. Humans have evolved over thousands of years to act in certain ways. One of these is to seek safety and minimise […]

Business Networking

Six top tips for better networking

What’s the one thing most successful business people value above all else? It’s the relationships they have with people, be they clients, suppliers, colleagues or others in business. In short, it’s their network. Why? Because every business decision is made by people – and people who are “well connected” find it easier to make things […]

What’s membership of The Best of Richmond all about?

Running your own business is tough. You’ve got customers, suppliers and staff to manage – plus all the admin and finance to keep on top of. Oh and then there’s marketing to do… The problem is, there’s just not enough time to do everything. And it’s hard to keep up with how marketing constantly changes. […]

Does the idea of ‘networking’ fill you with horror?

Do you have visions of dull, formulaic occasions full of people out to hard sell? The relentless monotony of stilted conversations and the obligatory business card exchange? If so, I couldn’t agree more! That’s why here at The Best of Richmond we have a very different take on networking. In fact we don’t even call […]